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JZ Emanage Thread

I'm learning as I go along, and will post shit as I figure stuff out. Others who know shit, please add to it.

EDIT: all problems I speak of about USB driver stuff turns out to be because I was using a computer with a 64bit OS system. To use the emu you must have a 32 bit OS. The software seems to work fine on win7, but there are little finicky things like when clicking on the car icon a window pols up saying language not found or some bs. Ignore it and it will continue. I'd still do xp if you have the choice as that's what the software was written for

Jumper settings: Turns out they're the same for vvti and non-vvti, here:

jp1: open -----------------------------------------------------jp11: open

jp2: open -----------------------------------------------------jp12: open

jp3: open ----------------------------------------------------jp13: open

jp4: open ----------------------------------------------------jp14: open

jp5: open -----------------------------------------------------jp15: 1-2

jp6: open ----------------------------------------------------jp16: open

jp7: 1-2 -----------------------------------------------------jp17: 1-2

jp8: 2-3 -----------------------------------------------------jp18: open

jp9: open ------------------------------------------------------jp19: 1-2

jp10: 1-2 ------------------------------------------------------jp20: 1-2

This jumper setting is for the full add/subtract fuel/timing control, so make sure you wire it up accordingly. You can find the diagrams in the link below to the installation and operation pdf



Also, I had to get a laptop that had xp. The software loaded on windows 7, but it wouldnt recognize the usb driver and wouldnt connect. I had zero problems with xp

there are different versions of the emu. The latest one is E. To find out what version you have, simply undo the 2 phillips screws on the back of the unit, then undo the 4 allens on the plug side, and carefully slide the circuit board out of the casing. My finger points to where the version stamp is located


So far I've figured out that if you have version "C", that you will need greddy injector adapter #2. This will prevent an extremely rich condition in 6 cyl engines. Said part seems to cost around $30 shipped. Part number is


My box that I've been running is version "D". I did not need the injector adapter with that version. Between the "C" and "D", you can tell the difference on the board as the jumpers are in different places, and there are also 6 extra resistors on the board next to the inj jumpers on version "D"


Since I'm no computer nerd, I bought a notebook with 64bit win7. It seems to work okay though when you click stuff it says the language is not found, click ok, then proceed. I had used a buddy's netbook the other day that he bought just for his gti software for his 1.8t. it's 32bit, so I was able to pull fuel so I wasn't running 440s on the stock ecu map. I did it by using the global injector correction which isn't really ideal and will need alterations in individual cells on the I/J map to be correct. Also, setting the lag time of the 440s didn't seem to work as well as it did on my old notebook with winXP. This could be a problem with the win7 running the software, as I've read that people have emailed greddy about this and they say xp or older only or some shit. I dont know that first hand, though I do know I never got the language error on XP, but also I was on an older version of the software at the time as well. 2.20 to be exact

So basically, any of you that are playing around with one of these, feel free to add into this as you find stuff. I will hopefully be figuring some of this stuff out this week. Have the boys bday party this weekend, but should pull an all nighter to get the engine in the car and will need my emu for sure, so this has to be done. My plan of attack is to delete win7 64bit and go to win7 32bit, or possibly xp. I only wanted this notebook to play with my emanage and to call some of you fags anyway, new or old OS matters not to me.

Finally got emu running on my notebook. Win7 64 bit. Here's what I did:

Get vmware, then load a 32bit version of win7 or xp on it.

In USB compatibility during setup, choose 1.1

Plug in the emanage with the key on

Go to device manager in the computer control panel

Click emuusb that will have a yellow flag

Tell the wizard you'd like to direct it to the driver

Go to location C, trust folder, emanage, driver.

Finish, and then go blow up your shit.